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Once again from our wonderful contributor Sandy Mayea Miller.


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    This is my personal favorite one.  The doctors are great, they know a lot, but when your person is experiencing something not normal for them, you've got to speak up and keep on it.  It saved Wes's life.  What happened with Wes: Fentanyl and Prozac and Xanax. I kept on asking the doctors about it, specifically the neurologist. She said, "Oh, those interactions only happen on much higher doses."  She was proved wrong.  She is trying her best, but this combination could have killed Wes any night he slept.  He had a pulse oxygen of 81 during sleep. His brain would be starved of oxygen and loaded with CO2; his brain told his heart to freak out and send blood to brain all night long.  He was sleeping 18-22 hours a day but felt awful and not rested. That all happened because of the interaction and a doctor who thought she knew everything. They don't see what we live, so keep on pushing if you think something isn't right.  We finally went to his PCP and finally got him off. He is now around 95-97 on the pulse oxygen, sleeps great, and wakes with a headache of 3 instead of 5-6.  Those 5-6's were when he was on Fentanyl too. Stay on top of things like this and don't ever give up if you know something is wrong. Especially if it says severe interaction, or more than one major interaction, especially if respiratory depression is the issue. Hello, life and death calling.  Love them enough to take a stand.  I am quite sure a couple of the doctors say, wife is overbearing and pushy.  Do I care??????????  NO, not a bit.  Hugs to all.


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