What Karnofski Scores Mean



SCORE Definition

100 Normal, no complaints, no signs of disease

90 Capable of normal activity, few symptoms or signs of disease

80 Normal activity with some difficulty, some symptoms or signs

70 Caring for self, not capable of normal activity or work

60 Requiring some help, can take care of most personal requirements

50 Requires help often, requires frequent medical care

40 Disabled, requires special care and help

30 Severely disabled, hospital admission indicated but no risk of death

20 Very ill, urgently requiring admission, requires supportive measures or treatment

10 Moribund, rapidly progressive fatal disease processes


Why are these important? 

A doctor will use these to assess the general state of a patient's health and ability to function. Many clinical trial will only accept those with K scores of 70 and above. Also, a person's K score may help the family decide when hospice might be appropriate.

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