"Until we bring more awareness to this form of cancer, we will continue to lose the battle..."

Warning Signs


Warning Signs of Brain Cancer that Brain Cancer Survivors Want You To Know

1.)  Headaches.

Headaches are reported by 50% of brain cancer patients.  Some sources say that headaches related to brain cancer are worse in the morning and better at night. Many times they will wake the person up in the night or the morning.  The reason for this is that at night we breathe differently, and accumulate carbon dioxide.  

Your brain swells slightly at night, when you are lying down.  Some sources cite a sudden or unusually bad headache.  We would caution you to beware of the nagging headache that you just seem to have all the time, that goes on seemingly for months.  Headaches can also be localized to one spot on your head.  See your doctor or a neurologist.

2.)  A seizure, especially if you have never had a seizure before.

Many people don't know about partial seizures.  These are seizures in which the person doesn't lose consciousness, but has some strange momentary symptom instead.  Examples include:  Odd tingling sensations that come and go or odd sensations of heat or chill, especially if confined to one side or one area of the body.  Episodes of perceiving a strange taste or smell.  Episodes in which an arm or leg twitches repeatedly.  These sensations may or may not be accompanied by nausea.

3.)  Nausea and vomiting.  

There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern that is most related to brain tumors. such as sudden loss of peripheral vision, or sudden onset of double vision.

4.)  A sudden change in vision

This could be a sudden loss of peripheral vision, or a sudden onset of double vision.

5.)  Sudden onset of problems with word finding.

Common words can suddenly not be remembered or will be replaced with a word that is similar or similar-sounding, like "husband" for "wife", "father" for "son", or "rice" for 
"potato", for example.

6.)  Sudden onset of problems with the ability to read or write.

7.)  Sudden onset of problems with balance and coordination.

8.)  Sudden onset of short term memory loss.

9.)  Sudden personality change.

10.)  A sudden loss of motor skills or a feeling of numbness in a limb or on one side of the body.  These can be very subtle.

11.)  Problems with heart palpitations or blood clots can be caused by an undiagnosed brain tumor.

12.)  Stimulus fixation

This is a repeated movement that is unusual such as stroking arm of a chair over and 
over like petting a cat or folding and unfolding and refolding a piece of paper, not once but 20 times in a row.

13.)  A sudden onset of drunken-like behavior 

Confusion, exhaustion, disorientation, or a stupor.

What do I do if I have some these symptoms?